Minutes of the Eightieth AGM






PRESENT:           Mr. Stan Townsend (Captain), in the chair, Mr. Dennis Babbs (President),

                             Mr. Roger Smith (Vice-Captain), Mr. Ian McCall (Honorary Treasurer),

                             Mrs. Sue Verity (Lady Captain), Mrs. Janis Cavanah (Lady Vice-Captain),  

                             Mr. David Lister, Mrs. Judith Hoyle, Mr. Graham Collins, Dr. Richard Verity,

                             Mr. Alton Wickes of Tenon Ltd, Mr. Phil Kershaw (General Manager) and 135 members.


The General Manager opened the meeting at 8.05pm, thanking all for their attendance.


1.                  APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE were received from

Mrs. S. Ashton, Mrs. K. Simpson, Mrs. S. Bamford, Mr. K. Greer, Mrs. J. Lloyd, Mrs. K. Lloyd, Mr. P. Taylor, Mrs. J. Taylor, Mr. J. Taylor, Mrs. W. Moore, Mrs. J. Lee, Mrs. J. Faulks, Mrs. M. Cumberbirch, Mrs. E. Bell, Mrs. P. Pickles, Mrs. M. Mills, Mrs. E. Field, Mrs. M. Cheetham, Mrs. W. Kaberry, Mrs. V. Leech, Mrs. S. Wilson, Mrs. K. Swarbrick, Mrs. A. Smith, Mrs. B. McDonald, Mrs. S. Desai, Mrs. F. Moore, Mrs. K. Oldham, Mrs. M. Jones, Mrs. M. Crowther, Mrs. A. Howarth, Mrs. M. Matthews, Mrs. P. Heaton, Mrs. M. Haigh, Mrs. Y. Carroll, Mrs. P. Moore, Mrs. S. Butterworth, Mrs. M. Edmond, Mrs. J. Haigh, Mrs. G. Jacklin, Mrs. B. Taylor, Mrs. J. King, Mrs. M. Webster, Mrs. D. Collinge, Mr. D. Black, Mr. A. Welch, Mr. J. Stanger, Mr. J. Wilson, Mrs. L. Wilson, Mrs. S. Smout, Mrs. A. Hornby,Mrs. J. Jolly, Mrs. E. Page, Mrs. L. Wright, Mrs. J. Barker, Mrs. J. Whitehead, Mrs. L. Stoney, Mrs. S. Black, Mr. I. Hampson, Mr. J. Pickles, Mrs. V. Butler, Mrs. D. Bamford, Mrs. B. Hollingworth, Mrs. J. Warburton, Mrs. B. Clegg, Mrs. R. Salloway, Mrs. C. Schofield, Mrs. M. Mitchell, Mr. K. Lloyd, Mrs. C. Coates, Mr. C. Coates, Mr. A. Coates, Mr. P. Coad,Mrs. C. Coad, Mr. P. Evans, Mr. S. Williamson, Mr. R. Fletcher, Mr. P. Whitworth, Mr. N. Fitton,Mr. J. Wilkinson, Mr. C. Chrimes, Mr. W. Maclaren, Mr. D. Tully, Mrs. P. Tully, Mrs. M. Keegan,Mr. D. Healey, Mr. G. Leach, Mr. J. Graziano, Mrs. G. Bentley, Mr. M. McKenzie, Mr. P. Bentley, Mr. A. Kearns, Mrs. A. Kearns, Mrs. B. Tomkinson, Mr. T. Nicholson, Mr. D. Wolfe, Mr. P. Pickles, Mr. S. Hoyle, Mr. A. Clegg, Mr. A. Smith, Mr. R. Chambers, Mr. P. Duckworth, Mr. S. Sampson, Mr. G. Shaw, Mr. C. Sutcliffe, Mr. S. Passmore, Mr. I. McDonald, Mr. S. Stott, Mr. R. A. Collinge, Mr. H. Deasey, Mr. G. Smith, Mr. C. Bowden, Mr. J. Rich, Mr. T. Ashcroft, Mr. J. Lea, Mr. R. Crabtree, Mr. G Shepherd, Mr. J. Hollingworth, Mr. J. Robinson, Mr. G. Butterworth, Mr. D. Hanson, Mr. K. Jagger, Mr. M. Westerman, Mr. S. Lord, Mr. P. Holden, Mrs. J. Holden, Mr. E. Artingstall, Mrs. J. Verity, Mr. A. Verity, Mr. D. Rigg, Mr. P. McNiff, Mrs. S. McNiff, Mr. B. Crabtree, Mr. N. Walker, Mr. C. G. Adamson, Mr. J. Wright, Mr. R. Barker, Mr. G. A. Clegg, Mr. B. Mustill, Mr. J. Donnelly, Mr. M. J. Donnelly, Mr. P. J. Grundy, Mr P. K.Ogden, Mrs. W. Binns, Mr. T. Wilson, Mr. A. Bell, Mr. H. Bell, Mr. J. C. Allen, Mr. M. Baxter, Mr. A. Ashworth, Mr. B. Dempsey, Mr. J. Mackriel, Mr. C. Bell, Mr. D. Nuttall, Mr. I. C. Butterworth, Mr. D. Birch, Mr. R. J. Dorrington, Mr. M. Watson, Miss. E. Birkbeck, Mr. A. Brown, Mr. A. Cryne, Mr. A. Shepherd, Mrs. S. Muff, Mrs. A. Gledhill, Mr. I. Alletson, Mr. C. Lord, Mr. G. Stanley and Mr. G. Emerson (166)


 2.                  THE NOTICE convening the meeting, having been circulated, was taken as read.

 3.                  DEATHS :-  

The General Manager read out the names of the Members who had sadly passed away during the year -

Mrs. Dorothy Baldwin, Mrs. Joan Heywood, Mr. Fred Travis, Mrs. Anne Crossley,

Mr. Owen Pickering, Mr. Ronnie Beswick and Mr. Raymond Matthews.

              Members stood in silence as a mark of respect.

 4.                  MINUTES :-  

The Minutes of the Seventy-Ninth Annual General Meeting had been circulated. They were proposed by the President Mr. D. Babbs, seconded by Mr. A. Coluccio and signed as a true record. 

 5.                  ACCOUNTS :-  

The Balance Sheet, the Statement of Accounts and the Accountants Report for the period ended 30th September 2008 were received and, on a proposition by Mr. T. A. Ratchford, seconded by Mr. I. Ogden, it was resolved that these be approved and adopted.

 6.                  CAPTAIN’S REMARKS :-  

The Captain stated that it hardly seemed 12 months since he received the badge of office and already he was handing over the reins to the incoming Captain, Mr. Roger Smith. The Captain thanked the Members and all his friends for their support, especially during the last five months. He thanked all Members of the Council, and the General Manager, Mr. Phil Kershaw, for their combined efforts and genuine support. Furthermore, the Captain thanked the Ladies Section and the caterer, Mrs. Kara Mills, for the excellent food she had provided throughout the year.

 Further thanks were due to the bar staff, the ground staff and the Club professional and his staff. The Captain made reference to the retiring Members of Council, Mr. D. Babbs, Mrs. S. Verity & Mr. G. Collins, stating that they should be proud of their individual achievements. The Captain wished the Club and all involved in the Club his best wishes for the coming season.

 7.         VICE-PRESIDENTS :–

The full complement of Vice-Presidents remained as previously elected. There had been no deaths during the year; therefore no further elections were needed.   


      On the proposition of Mr. D. Babbs, seconded by Mr. S. Townsend, Dr. Richard Verity was

unanimously elected as President to serve for two years. Dr. Verity thanked Mr. Babbs and Mr. Townsend stating that it was a privilege and an honour to be elected to serve as President of Rochdale Golf Club.


      On the proposition of Mr. D. Babbs, seconded by Mr. L. Redfern, Mr. Stephen Tombs was

unanimously elected as a Vice-President to serve on the Council.

 10.             ELECTION OF CAPTAIN :-

Mr. Stan Townsend proposed and Mr. Dennis Babbs seconded the election of Mr. Roger Smith as Captain for the coming year. This was carried unanimously. Mr. Smith thanked Mr. Townsend, stating that he had been very supportive during his year as Vice-Captain. He said that he would uphold the traditions of the Club and that it was an honour and a privilege to be elected as the Captain of Rochdale Golf Club. Mr. Smith invited all those present to join him in a drink.

 11.             ELECTION OF VICE-CAPTAIN :-  

Mr. David Lister was proposed by Mr. Roger Smith and seconded by Mr. Stan Townsend to become Vice-Captain for the coming year. The motion was carried unanimously.


It was proposed by Mr. Roger Smith, seconded by Dr. Richard Verity, that Mr. Stan Townsend be elected Immediate Past Captain for the coming year. The motion was carried unanimously.

 13.             ELECTION OF LADY CAPTAIN :–

Mrs. Sue Verity proposed and Mrs. Hazel Moore seconded the election of Mrs. Janis Cavanah as Lady Captain for the coming year. The motion was carried unanimously. Mrs. Cavanah stated that she was honoured to become the Lady Captain of Rochdale Golf Club and would make every effort to uphold the traditions of the club. She thanked Mrs. Verity for all her hard work during her year as Lady Captain.


It was proposed by Mrs. J. Cavanah and seconded by Mrs. S. Verity that Mrs. Judith Hoyle be elected Lady Vice-Captain for the coming year. The motion was carried unanimously.


Proposed by Mr. Roger Smith and seconded by Mr. Stan Townsned, the re-election of Mr. Ian McCall as Honorary Treasurer for the coming year was carried unanimously.

 16.             ELECTION OF AUDITORS :– 

It was proposed by Mr. Ian. McCall, seconded by Mr. Roger Smith, that Messrs Tenon Ltd be unanimously appointed as the auditors for Rochdale Golf Club for the coming year. Mr. McCall thanked Tenon Ltd for their support and advice throughout the previous year.


The Captain thanked, on behalf of all Members, the retiring members of Council: - Mr. D. Babbs, Mrs. S. Verity & Mr. G. Collins.

Mr. D. Babbs, speaking on their behalf, thanked Mr. Smith for his kind words stating that he had enjoyed the experience immensely and thanked the Council and members of the Club for their support, friendship and respect during his time as President. He said that each and every decision was made by Council with great care and deliberation though some of them had been far from easy to make. In addition, Mr. Babbs recalled some of the highlights during his time on Council.

Issues he mentioned were the clubhouse heating, showers and kitchen, all of which were now resolved. He referred also to the revision of the Articles of Association in 2006 and the subsequent creation of the Disciplinary Procedure in 2007.


There were two nominees for one vacancy to be an elected member of the House Committee. The successful candidate would join the House Committee for a two year period. The scrutineers were Mr. Brian Mills, Mr. Tony Coluccio, and Mr. Phil Kershaw. After a vote, the Captain announced that Mr. John Yearsley had been elected. 

 19.             NEW MEMBERS :-

The Captain asked that any new members present stand and state their names. Mr. & Mrs. B. Lemmy introduced themselves to the meeting.

  20.             ANY OTHER BUSINESS :-

i)              The General Manager explained that a letter regarding the “Captains’ Photographs” had been received. Following a brief discussion it had been agreed at a recent House Committee meeting that the matter would be re-visited during the coming months. The author of the letter, Mr. J. Turner, explained the reasons why he felt so strongly against the photographs. The matter would be looked at in greater detail by the House Committee.

ii)             The General Manager stated that a letter had been received regarding the continued nuisance behaviour from the local school children. The Ground Chairman, Mr. N. J. Cummins, explained that every effort had been made to eradicate the problem with the assistance of the school deputy head and with representatives from the local borough council. It was said that the original idea to fence the entire perimeter was extremely expensive and alternative types of fencing were being looked into.

iii)            Mr. D. Nicholls asked why the Men’s yellow tee markers on the 15th hole had been moved forward to the Ladies summer tee. Mr. Cummins explained that neither he nor the ground staff had moved the blocks and he could only presume it was an act of nuisance behaviour from the school children. Mr. Cummins gave his express consent to Mr. Nicholls to replace the yellow markers into their usual location should a repeat occurrence happen.

iv)            Mrs. A. Howarth stated that she disagreed with the earlier comments regarding the “Captains’ Photographs” and felt that they enhanced the main room of the clubhouse.

v)             Mr. J. Broadbent raised his concerns over the alterations made to the bunkers on the 11th hole stating that they already seemed to be slowing play down on a Saturday. Mr. Cummins stated that the issue would be monitored over the coming weeks.

vi)            Mr. D. Nicholls asked questions relating to the construction and consistency of the recent remedial works carried out on the bunkers. Mr. Cummins explained that 800 tons of sand had been removed to make way for the new sand and that the new sand would settle over a period of time with the effects of rainfall.  

vii)           Mr. J. Cocker raised his frustration regarding the general quality of the flagsticks especially in major competitions. It was agreed that better quality flagsticks would be used in major competitions and the Captain’s qualifying competitions (Men’s & Ladies).



              The Captain thanked all present for attending and closed the meeting at 10.45pm.