Picture required by Patricia Hales

I have had the following email in from Patricia Hales

My great-grandfather, Edmund Rothwell, was a member of Rochdale Golf Club until his untimely death at the age of 39 in 1898. I was so pleased to find his name included in your list of Members 1895. I suppose it is too much to hope that you might have a photograph of him somewhere in your archives. He was a prominent person in Rochdale, being the Manager, and later Chairman, of Bury, Rochdale & Oldham tramway company, on the Committee of the Merchant Traders Association, a prominent Freemason and Vice President of Rochadale Hornets at one stage. Anything you can do to help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.


Can anyone provide me with the request for the picture so that I could forward it on.?

Thank you

The editor of RGC History







Centenary 1988

Mr D Nicholls provided the information for the unknow item 1 which has now been updated.

Centenary Dinner of Rochdale and Lobden Golf Clubs held at Whitworth Civic Hall on Friday 5th
February 1988.
Grace was given by Jim Hawkard, President RGC
The Queen was proposed by J Shepherd, President LGC
The Rochdale & Lobden GCs were proposed by J Wild, Pst President of the English Golf Union
The response was by Harry Clayton, Captain RGC AND B Harrison Captain LGC
Our Guests was proposed by GKK Berwick Past Captain RGC
Response by Mike Craig of the BBC
Toast Master was Ken Flett Hon Sec RGC

Many thanks to David for the information and at the end of the email it did state

David Nicholls (Aged 40 at the event!)         What do you think. ?


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June 2010

I would like to thank Mr T Ratchford for the information he provided for June 2010 of the Captains Final Days and the other pictures that he has of the events that have been held at Rochdale Golf Club over the years. I am sure that many of you that visit the site have information of some kind that you can provide.

Thanks again Tony.

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Providing Information

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